It’s the first time I baked after CNY. As my parents’ anniversary is approaching, I made one of my mum’s favourite cake – Tiramisu – today. Recipe was adapted from Cuisinette who posted in the Imperial Kitchen Forum.

Some pointers that I noted while I was making Tiramisu:

  • I found out that good logistics planning is required. Firstly, I checked whether the fridge could accommodate my mixing bowls. Next, I also had to plan what to whip first as the bowl and whip used to beat the cream should be well-chilled prior to beating the cream, and whipping egg whites require a clean bowl and whip.
  • Check out a you-tube video on how to whip cream to medium/stiff peaks – I find that it’s useful. For a link to this video, please see “Cooking Tips” on the left.
  • The syrup to soak the ladyfingers required 2 tbsp of melted chocolate. I used about 40g of 55% chocolate.
  • Next time, I would melt the chocolate prior to preparing the syrup.
  • I used an aluminium disposable tray and used 34 lady fingers. In the end I got excess syrup – think I used only 1/3! Not sure whether my ladyfingers are soaked to the extent that I like….will need to check it out.
  • The amount of cream was sufficient for the tray.
  • For the cream, I used 500g mascarpone cheese as I did not want to have any left-overs. I also increased the Baileys to 40ml.

The Tiramisu is now chilling in the fridge…can’t wait to check out the taste. Will post an update on the taste and photos…..

Update on 25 February:

  • I prefer a stronger alcohol taste. I will add additional Baileys and/or Kahlua to the mascarpone cheese.
  • I used a total of 100g of sugar in the cream mixture – sweetness was just nice.
  • I think the ladyfingers were sufficiently soft. Therefore I will reduce the syrup.
  • To seriously consider doing the tiramisu in smaller pans if the tiramisu is to be divided into portions to be given away….

Some pictures for you to enjoy….pardon the untidiness….


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