Japanese Beef Curry from Shiseido

I had previously asked a Japanese colleague to recommend me his favourite commercial curry mixes as my hubby loves Japanese-style curries. Lo and behold….when he returned from Japan for a short trip last week, he bought me 3 highly recommended beef curry mixes. I was so happy! Hubby was even happier… He was so excited that he cooked one of them yesterday.

This curry mix is from Shiseido – yes, the famed Japanese cosmetic company. My Japanese colleague explained to me that the Shiseido shop in Ginza has a café which is famous for its beef curry. Hence a mix was created for the customers’ convenience.

Here’s the box of curry mix…was told that it wasn’t cheap….

Front of the box…

Back of the box…

The ingredients…Clockwise from left: big onions, beef, carrots and potatoes

The finished product…

The verdict…

The sauce was in a paste (liquid), which Hubby found more tricky to cook. He preferred to cook from a block (solid) – his favourite brand to date is Vermont (with a hint of apple and honey), also recommended by the same Japanese colleague.

Taste-wise, Hubby and I found little differences between Shiseido and Vermont – perhaps we couldn’t read the Japanese instructions and simply relied on instinct. Now, I’ve found an online translation website and I’ve learnt how to write hiragana, I can translate using the website 🙂.

Well for the time being, Vermont brand is our favourite due to ease of cooking…. Perhaps when I go to Japan, I will purchase the Shiseido curry mix and give a try again…

Let’s see how the other 2 brands perform.



  1. Tess said,

    10 March 2008 at 11:26 pm

    I have a recipe for a Japanese curry on my blog. You can use shrimp, chicken, pork, or beef. It includes an apple and a mango, and uses some mango chutney as well so you get . The curry flavor comes from powder: S&B Japanese curry powder. This recipe is not quick, though. It cooks on low heat for 3 hours. But yummy.

  2. callavalley said,

    11 March 2008 at 12:04 am

    Hi Tess!

    Firstly, welcome to my blog! I look forward to your future visits and comments.

    Thanks for your tip…I will take a look at it…


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