Tiramisu Take 2

I tried making Tiramisu last Saturday. This time, I added more Baileys to the mascarpone cheese. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how much Baileys I added! I think I added about 150ml. The cheese mixture became quite watery… I was worried that the cream mixture would be too watery. Fortunately, it wasn’t. Perhaps that was because I increased the cream to 600ml. I bought 2 bottles of 300ml cream. As I didn’t want any left-over cream, I whipped all 600ml.

I just tried the Tiramisu tonight. I think the liquor taste is more pronounced this time, compared to the previous attempt. I’m happy the way it is, although I think I won’t mind if more liquor is added.

No pictures…as I was too excited to try…

Some notes:

  • I added approximately 150ml of Baileys to the mascarpone cheese mixture. Best to taste to check whether it is to personal preference.
  • I used 600ml cream. This could help in mitigating the mixture becoming to watery.
  • I only prepared half the syrup, and it was sufficient. There were left-overs, but it was more manageable than the previous attempt.

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