Ramen Santouka

Hubby and I went to Ramen Santouka at Central for dinner. After researching on the internet (with acknowledgements to the Skinny Epicurean), we tried the tokusen toroniku ramen. Hubby ordered the spicy version and upsized it, while I ordered the shoyu version and downsized it.

We enjoyed the succulent and tender pork slices, which is purported to be from the cheeks from the pig. The pork slices were served separately to display the level of marbling of fat. Yum! Hubby found the spicy soup delicious and that the level of spice was adequate enough to let the eater know he was drinking spicy soup, and yet not too spicy that it detracts from the other flavours of the broth. As for me, I found that while the soup was delicious, it was a tad salty for me. Well, that’s a personal preference as I don’t take foods that are too salty. We found the noodles were al-dente. Also, I was surprised that the restaurant was flexible in offering sizes to suit different level of appetite. In all, we enjoyed the meal and will be back J.

Ramen Santouka is located at the Central, #02-76; it’s a corner unit overlooking Clarke Quay. Ramen Santouka does not take reservations and currently accepts cash only, although plans are in place to accept credit cards in the future.


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