Chinese Carrot Cake

My hubby loves to eat Chinese carrot cake, aka chye tow kueh. I saw this recipe on Baking Mum’s blog (thanks, Baking Mum!) and attempted this with Hubby yesterday. I grated the radish and carrot, while Hubby fried the mixture. Here are some photos to share with you….

Mixture looks like dough after frying….

Before steaming

Immediately after steaming

After cooling down and refrigerating overnight

Fried in black style…

Calla’s notes:

  • Although the recipe called for 150g radish and 100g carrot to 600g rice flour, I used approx 400g radish and 200g carrot to 600g rice flour. No adverse results noted.
  • After adding the flour mixture to the fried radish and carrot, need to fry at low – medium heat till water is gone and mixture looks like dough. Turn off fire if necessary to fry till dough stage.
  • I omitted pepper and chai poh.
  • I used 1.5l + 1 cup + 1/3cup water to mix with the rice flour.
  • I used an 8 inch sq tin and steamed for 1h 15 min. Think 45 min is enough – will try that next time.
  • Need about 1 day to cool down and firm up.
  • Resulting carrot cake is a little bland (not salty enough). Need to adjust saltiness when frying the carrot cake.