Brownie Muffins

(My project to document observations of past bakes)

I finally tried baking these brownie muffins and using a silicon cupcake/muffin tin. The recipe was from Stefanie who posted it in the Kitchen Capers forum (thanks, Stefanie!). I varied the fillings: some I used Reese peanut butter cups, and the rest I used prunes and chocolate chips. As for the results…only the prune & chips muffin were presentable….the Reese peanut butter cups were less good-looking…

This is the first time that I used a silicon tin and I wasn’t sure whether I had to use lower temperatures or adopt other changes when using a silicon tin. Got to read up on using silicon tins…

Some notes:

  • I reduced the sugar to 150g and added it into the chocolate butter mixture while the chocolate and butter were half-melted. Next time I would try melting the sugar with the butter, then add the chocolate to see whether there’s any difference. I remember reading from somewhere that melting the sugar with the butter can give a shiny crust to a brownie.
  • I sifted the flour, cocoa, baking powder & baking soda into a bowl, mixed it thoroughly with a whisk, then sift it into the chocolate mixture. Wonder whether this would contribute to a light and fluffy muffin…
  • I filled up the patty tin 2/3 full (including the fillings). The resulting muffins had a nice dome shape…
  • The bottom of some of my cupcakes were burnt…think I should try baking at a lower temperature, e.g. 160 – 170 deg C. Not sure whether this was because I was using a silicon pan…On the other hand, I forgot to leave an oven thermometer in the oven…so….In any case, I need to experiment with temperatures and times.
  • I think I would still use paper cup liners, even for a silicon tin…so that it’s easier to remove….

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