My Latest Favourite Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies – Finally!

I was really into the groove of baking today: after baking the coffee & walnut sponge, I proceeded to bake chocolate chip cookies. After watching Michael Smith’s Chef at Home (S6), Hubby was fascinated about adding corn syrup into chocolate chip cookies to create chewy ones and urged me to try.

I was initially lazy to do it…but I’m really glad that I made it. I think these are the best chewy chocolate chip cookies I’ve made to-date. The dough is easy to handle – it doesn’t go too soft. Not sure whether it is due to using cold butter, as opposed to soft butter, to cream with the sugar. Although it’s a little too sweet, I still like it and it’s great with milk! I realise that American recipes tend to be sweeter and I should have listened to my inner instincts to increase the level of salt or reduce the sugar. I usually decrease the sugar to reduce the sweetness. But I found that decreasing the sugar tends to alter the texture and taste (other than the sweetness) of the cookie slightly. Next time, I shall double the salt in the recipe instead, following Dorie Greenspan’s advice….

The recipe can be found here.


  • Plain flour was used
  • Salted butter was used
  • Hershey’s mini chips were used. I used the entire 12oz pack…
  • Corn syrup was replaced with golden syrup. If corn syrup is not available, you can make your own corn syrup at home. I haven’t tried this out though.
  • The yield is about 72 cookies. I used a 1/2tbsp measuring spoon as a mould. I scooped out rounded spoonfuls of dough onto the baking sheet.
  • My dear oven’s thermostat has gone bonkers. The oven dial is at 160 deg C and the cookies were baked for about 10 – 12min with upper and lower heat turned on. I think I overbaked it in the later batches: though it’s still chewy, but I think the texture was nicer when it wasn’t that brown….

The earlier batches: not so brown but a better chewy texture (imho)….

The later batches: lovely golden brown, but not so good chewy texture (imho)….


Coffee and Walnut Sponge with Coffee Cream

Hubby was inspired by the Coffee & Walnut Sponge made by Delia Smith in her latest show “Delia through the Decades“. It seemed easy enough to be a suitable project for de-stressing myself after a busy week at work. Poor Hubby was also stressed at work, and that further encouraged me to make this cake which has his favourite flavours: coffee and walnuts.

I multiplied the cake ingredients by 1.5 times so that I can bake an 8” cake; the filling ingredients was doubled (except for the sugar, which I added more to suit my personal preferences). The cake resonated with too much ammonia smell when it was fresh from the oven and I was worried. Luckily, I couldn’t really taste the ammonia – perhaps it was masked by the strong coffee taste. The cream is not too rich – it’s made of mascarpone cheese, flavoured with instant coffee. On the whole, it was a breeze to make and most importantly, Hubby loves it.

Some notes:

  • Don’t worry if the batter appears too little. Have faith and the cakes will rise and with all the cream, it won’t be a flat cake.
  • Bake the cakes in a normal aluminium cake tin (not black, not non-stick, not spring-foam). I bake one half in the normal aluminium tin; and another in a non-stick springfoam tin. The cake in the aluminium tin rose beautifully and did not burn, while the cake in the springfoam tin rose only a little and worse still, the bottoms were slightly burnt (luckily the burnt bits can be scrapped off and did not affect the overall taste of the cake)
  • Chill the cake in the fridge for a few hours before serving to allow the cream to set.

Sharing with you the cross-section….

Thanks, Hubby, for helping to ice and frost the cake J.

P/S: I’m looking forward to the next episode of “Delia through the Decades“. Delia’s going to make Squidgy Chocolate Log, which is one of my favourite chocolate cakes. I must see how she does it and why her logs look so beautiful and do not crack, unlike my attempts….

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

The first bake of 2010! I adapted from the white chocolate chip and cranberry cookies to make these chewy chocolate chip cookies. I also reduced the brown sugar and caster sugar by ¼. It’s now not so sweet, but there’s a more pronounced eggy aftertaste which I don’t really like. So I’m back on the drawing board again – to find my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Update: the cookies have improved in flavour and texture after keeping for a day: no more eggy aftertaste (not sure whether anything’s wrong with my taste-buds :() and it’s become more chewy and less cakey :)….

The cookies are the puffy, cakey and chewy type. Anyway, here are some pics to share: