Another Brownie Recipe

Since my brother is back for holidays, I took the opportunity to try another brownie recipe. This time, I used James Peterson’s recipe (from this book), which holds great promise for the features I look out for in a brownie: an in-between brownie (i.e. cakey and fudgy at the same time) which is not too sweet.

By the way, I like James Peterson’s book: Baking. His instructions are clear and concise and there are accompanying pictures to guide you along. Great for a novice baker who wishes to expand his/her repertoire, imho.

Now, back to the brownie….The brownie is indeed not too sweet, but it is more fudgy than cakey, even though I baked it till the there’s-no-crumbs-when-toothpick-is-inserted stage. Wonder is it because I swapped ¼ of the flour for cocoa powder and added 1 tsp of Tia Maria….

Anyway, I think it’s still a great brownie! 😀 To all fudgy brownie lovers, here’s sharing with you a slice of brownie heaven….

The next brownie recipe that I will try: Dorie Greenspan’s classic brownies…One day, I shall do a taste test to find out my favourite brownie recipe!


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