We Did It!

Yes, we did it – we finally got the hang of making chye tow kueh (ctk) with the features we love: ctk firm enough to fry and yet soft and chewy….

Earlier attempts either produced too “hard” a ctk for our liking, or too soft to fry till it becomes mushy….

A few important tips….

  • Keep to the proportion. Do not double it. If you want to make more ctk, make another batch….
  • Fry till the dough becomes sticky….
  • Add a little oil to the surface of the ctk to prevent condensation going into ctk while steaming….
  • Buy a slightly heavier radish, cos after cutting of the head and tail and removing the skin, the weight is considerably lower.

No more commercial ctk….I followed Baking Mum’s recipe except that I used 400g radish and 200g carrot.


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