Christmas Gifts

It’s the time for gift exchange at the office Christmas party…I decided to take a different approach from prior years: home-made chocolate chip cookies. I bought the jars and the cellophane bags from Daiso and spent an entire afternoon baking the cookies. The chocolate chip cookie recipe was previously blogged about here. This time, I used a ½ tbsp measuring spoon, instead of a 1 tsp (5ml) measuring spoon. The cookies are now a little bigger and there’s no noticeable change in cooking times. I personally prefer the cookie moulded using the ½ tbsp spoon. If I use a ½ tbsp spoon to mould, 1 recipe can yield about 60 cookies. Sharing with you the Christmas bakes 🙂

I hope the recipients will like the gifts 🙂


Taking Baby Steps…

I started practising hiragana. To-date, I’ve practised writing about 30 hiragana “letters”. There are about another 40 to go… Practising how to write really helped me to read hiragana without the help of romanji!

My colleague even bought a Japanese writing book for ages 4 – 6 from Japan to encourage me learning. I glanced through the book…it looks difficult! Nevertheless, I think I shall first master the 75-odd hiragana “letters” before venturing the writing book.

Let me send my best regards to my readers…. よろしく!

Back at School….

I’m a student again – signed up for elementary Japanese courses at a CC which started this evening. I saw a poster at the void deck announcing the commencement for elementary Japanese course only yesterday. Thanks to the internet, I was able to register at a short notice.

Today I studied basic Japanese phonetics. I think I’m going to have a hard time remembering the Hiragana and Katakana words – imagine spending 1½ hours learning how to pronounce about 26 – 30 basic sounds. Hubby says he want me to write 2 pages everyday and will test me….. 😦

TV Dramas I am Watching

Besides baking, my hobby is to watch Chinese/Cantonese TV drama serials. Lately I’ve been watching Dreams Link 又见一帘幽梦,a drama produced in China. This drama serial is based on a book by Qiong Yao 琼瑶, 一帘幽梦. If you like soppy love dramas, this drama is for you. This version of 一帘幽梦 is certainly better than the previous one in the 1990s – slightly less melodramatic and much better-looking leads.

Because of this drama, I came to like Alex Fong 方中信, or rather his character Fei Yun Fan 费云帆. Fei Yun Fan is such a true gentleman and romantic guy that I think such a person only exists in the world of storybooks…. *dreamy smile*

Because of Alex Fong’s excellent portrayal of Fei Yun Fan (at least in my humble opinion), I watched another TVB drama helmed by him, The Building Blocks of Life 建筑有情天. Well I think I like him better as Fei Yun Fan. While I admire Issac Chung’s (Alex Fong’s character in The Building Blocks of Life) passion for architecture, his love life is certainly a mess. After watching The Building Blocks of Life, I have the following thoughts:

  • How things turn out is dependent on a person’s reaction. A person’s action can cause a particular reaction; but if he adopted another action, the reaction would be different and the results could be vastly different.
  • As a person grows or immerses himself into a different environment, his thinking, his tastes and preferences will change. So even if it’s his habit/love for the past 7 years, anything can change….Nothing is forever or cast in stone…..

What shall I watch next?