Curry Puffs and Pies

This weekend’s project is curry puffs. Hubby prepared 2 fillings: curry chicken and sardines.

Curry chicken


Both are yummy on its own. If I make my own buns, I believe they would make delicious fillings.

To prepare, I read up about crimping (see side bar for links), but found it harder than it looks. Lack of a suitable sized cutter for the curry puff, as well as the hot weather (makes it tough to roll out the dough), I decide to make pies and rolls instead.

Unbaked sardine puff. The only one with a nicer crimping.

A baked sardine puff. Need to improve on the glazing.

Mixture of sardine puffs, sardine pies and sardine rolls. The rolls and pies are glazed with milk and produced a matt finish. The puffs are glazed with egg yolk, which produces a shinier finish, but was cracked. Maybe the oven was too hot…

The curry chicken pie. For such a rustic pie, need to bake on a baking sheet, rather than a pie dish. Baked a little too long and therefore burnt the lattice tops 😦

Some notes:

  • The temperature dial was between 160 and 190 deg C mark. I baked the puffs, rolls and mini pies for 20 min and the big pie for 30 min.
  • The lattice covering for the curry chicken pie prevented the eggs from being too rubbery. To consider putting the eggs in the middle of the filling if not covering the filling.

Very Easy Apple Pie

(My project to document my observations of past bakes….)

Apple Pie

I adapted this apple pie from Delia Smith’s recipe. This pastry is easy to handle. Her tips appear to be really useful. One of them is to leave the butter outside for a while, till you can insert a knife through the butter. Her theory is if it is too hard to cut, you will exert more strength to cut and rub in the butter, and more time required to achieve the dough. This may result the butter to melt. If it is not too hard to cut, you could rub in faster and minimise the amount of butter melting. Another tip of hers about preventing sogginess of the pie crust also works! Do read Delia’s tips before attempting the pie – I think they are useful.

In all, the pie is delicious and is really easy to make. Hubby loved it and told me to keep the in a permanent folder J

Some notes:

  • I replaced lard with an equivalent amount of butter. Crust was still crunchy, in my opinion.I used about 6 granny smith apples to make up 700g of the fruit. The apples were washed, peeled, cored and sliced thinly.
  • I replaced caster sugar with brown sugar for sprinkling onto each layer of apples. I also sprinkled cinnamon onto each layer of fruit.
  • I baked at a centre shelf, with no adverse effects. I simply baked till the crust turns golden brown.