Brandied Cherries

Ha! My Christmas kitchen is really up and running again….

I’m thinking of doing a Black Forest Roll Cake for Christmas Eve dinner, using this recipe from Delia Smith, but I will make my own cherry filling. I’m using Rose Levy Beranbaum’s recipe for brandied cherries (pg 346 of the Cake Bible). I’ve used fresh cherries and kirsch bought from Germany. It’s now sitting in the pantry….with the cherries absorbing all the kirsch goodness.

By the way, pitting the cherries was no easy task! I think this is a pretty good website to teach you how to pit cherries. I also watched those youtube videos on people pitting cherries and am amazed at how fast they pit! After trying to pit, it seems to me that their speed is unbelievable. Certainly, practice is required….The initial attempts didn’t yield pitted cherries whose shapes were preserved….but never mind, these cherries were put into other uses.

If you don’t own a cherry pitter, don’t fret – Rose recommends using the looped end of a large metal hair pin. I was thinking of using a paper clip (because the clip also has a looped end), but I couldn’t find a paper clip. In the end I used this:

The following instrument is too “soft” – cannot be used:

I will trying the flat end of the orange peeler the next time:

Hubby recommends making a “X” insertion at the stem of the cherry, to minimise creating too big a hole that may cause the cherry to become misshapen. The cherry stone is usually deeply lodged somewhere in the fruit, so one has to be patient in slowly twisting and digging the stone out, otherwise the cherry will become misshapen. The people in the youtube make cherry pitting look soooo easy – sigh!

Here’s the Kirsch I used – but the cap won’t screw back….so got to use a stop-gap measure, till I find a cork…. By the way, brandy can be used instead of kirsch. But I thought kirsch would be more suitable for a black forest cake.

Can’t wait to see how the cherries will turn out!