Chocolate & Banana Cupcakes

I’ve been wanting to try new cupcake recipes, as I felt that the one I’ve been using is a tad too oily….So, this week’s de-stress project is baking chocolate and banana cupcakes, using a recipe from London’s Primrose Bakery (Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery).

I used 136g butter (didn’t want to have leftover butter), 507g bananas (the recipe says use 4 bananas) and increased the plain flour to 275g. The first few batches, while were cooked, were a little too moist and did not have a golden hue. Subsequent batches were baked slightly longer to achieve more firmness (but still very moist) and a golden hue.

I’m happy with the results: it’s not too oily (unlike my previous cupcakes), not too sweet. While baking, the homely fragrance of baked bananas wafted through the air. Now, all I need to improve is the amount of batter to fill into the patty tins in order to achieve fuller cupcakes and tweak the amount of bananas so that it’s not like a sticky banana cake (I wonder how heavy is 4 bananas in England??). This recipe is really a keeper and I can’t wait to try out the other recipes in the book.

Calla’s notes:

  • Although the toothpick test reveals that the cake is cooked and the top is springy to touch, if the cake doesn’t look golden brown, bake it longer till it’s golden brown, otherwise the cake may be a little too soft (sides do not feel firm). Do monitor carefully, as it’s often a matter of seconds that burning occurs.
  • I used 507g bananas, but I think there’s too much banana, such that it makes the cake like a sticky banana cake (although to me, the pictures don’t seem to be so). I would experiment with lesser bananas to create a less sticky cake.

  • Although recipe calls for 70% chocolate, I used 53% with no adverse results. The cake wasn’t too sweet. Overall the sweetness is alright.