Coffee and Walnut Sponge with Coffee Cream

Hubby was inspired by the Coffee & Walnut Sponge made by Delia Smith in her latest show “Delia through the Decades“. It seemed easy enough to be a suitable project for de-stressing myself after a busy week at work. Poor Hubby was also stressed at work, and that further encouraged me to make this cake which has his favourite flavours: coffee and walnuts.

I multiplied the cake ingredients by 1.5 times so that I can bake an 8” cake; the filling ingredients was doubled (except for the sugar, which I added more to suit my personal preferences). The cake resonated with too much ammonia smell when it was fresh from the oven and I was worried. Luckily, I couldn’t really taste the ammonia – perhaps it was masked by the strong coffee taste. The cream is not too rich – it’s made of mascarpone cheese, flavoured with instant coffee. On the whole, it was a breeze to make and most importantly, Hubby loves it.

Some notes:

  • Don’t worry if the batter appears too little. Have faith and the cakes will rise and with all the cream, it won’t be a flat cake.
  • Bake the cakes in a normal aluminium cake tin (not black, not non-stick, not spring-foam). I bake one half in the normal aluminium tin; and another in a non-stick springfoam tin. The cake in the aluminium tin rose beautifully and did not burn, while the cake in the springfoam tin rose only a little and worse still, the bottoms were slightly burnt (luckily the burnt bits can be scrapped off and did not affect the overall taste of the cake)
  • Chill the cake in the fridge for a few hours before serving to allow the cream to set.

Sharing with you the cross-section….

Thanks, Hubby, for helping to ice and frost the cake J.

P/S: I’m looking forward to the next episode of “Delia through the Decades“. Delia’s going to make Squidgy Chocolate Log, which is one of my favourite chocolate cakes. I must see how she does it and why her logs look so beautiful and do not crack, unlike my attempts….