Tomo Fine Dining

Hubby wanted to eat Indian or Japanese food yesterday. As I’m not exactly a fan of Indian food, I opted for Japanese food. Did some research on new Japanese places to eat…I was actually thinking of Minori. But after reading unfavourable reviews about it posted on the internet, I decided to try something else. In the end, I decided to try Tomo Fine Dining at Marina Square. What intrigued me was it had Omakase, which I understand that you place your trust in the chef and he will dish out your meal based on the ingredients he has on hand, and of course after taking into account your dietary considerations.

When we were there, the waitress recommended us an 11-course (including dessert) meal which was under the Amex/UOB 1-for-1-at $138 promotion. It sounded like a good deal and we therefore ordered that meal.

Gosh, it was certainly a filling meal and the food was simply delicious….We had:

  • 2 starters: a seaweed salad and cuttlefish crackers accompanied with a dip comprising mayo studded with fish roe. We like the salty-sweet taste of the cuttlefish crackers paired with the dip
  • Sashimi: salmon, tuna, prawn, squid, and 2 other fish which I don’t know. Think one of them is yellowtail. The sashimi was extremely fresh and of good quality! For the salmon, you can taste the marbling of the fat. As for the prawn head….yum!
  • Skewers of mushroom and pork with lady’s fingers
  • Saba fish…yum there was a layer of fat beneath the fish…
  • Soup with clams, tofu
  • Prawn with mayo
  • Beef teppanyaki…the beef was so tender and it melted in the mouth….
  • Sushi: the type that meat was the star, not the rice
  • Fish/scallop fried with a sauce of made of roe?
  • Green tea ice-cream: I like that the ice-cream was infused with a hint of green tea fragrance. Hubby preferred to have stronger green tea taste. But I think it’s just nice, I don’t particularly fancy green tea overpowering the taste of the ice-cream, rendering a bitter after-taste.

We saw Japanese musk melon being served and therefore ordered a slice too. It was really sweet, yet refreshing.  Sorry, no pictures of the meal, as we were busy polishing the meal.

In all, we were extremely satisfied with the meal. Hubby was happy with place and he liked that the tables were well-spaced apart, not crammed together.  The wait staff were also polite, attentive and non-intrusive. He pronounced that he will be back!  I’m glad that Hubby likes my recommendation. I thank the Skinny Epicurean for recommending this place in her blog, and not forgetting the reviewers on the Hungrygowhere website.

Tomo Fine Dining is located at Marina Square, #02-03, nearer to the Merrill Lynch end I think.